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What is “Murli”?
‘Murli’, the foundation of the wisdom of the Brahma Kumaris worldwide, means ‘flute’ in Hindi. These are versions of Incorporeal God Shiva, spoken via the medium of Brahma Baba. Murlis that have been preserved through the years are circulated to all Brahma Kumaris Centers around the world and read out daily in the morning in class.

One must have completed the Foundation Course In Raja Yoga as a pre-requisite to attend murli class at Brahma Kumaris Centers.

There are 2 categories of murlis:
‘Saakar’ [corporeal] Murlis were spoken via the corporeal medium of Brahma Baba.
‘Avyakt’ [angelic] Murlis are divine versions spoken by BapDada, i.e. Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba combined, through their medium Dadi Gulzar. These are murlis spoken after 1969 when Brahma Baba attained his stage of perfection.

Guidelines for listening to murli:
Some material is here. More to come soon.

Daily Murli (Hindi):
Daily Murli Points:

Daily Murli Quiz:
Murli Quiz:

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